Web Journalism Course


1. A first-class, comprehensive, home-study online & offline course written and designed by professional writers and endorsed by experts.
2. Your work / writing is corrected by caring, experienced tutors – all published writers.
3. You are encouraged to write because you work within a carefully structured framework. We give you specific writing objectives to achieve.
4. If, for any reason (including your level of English), we believe that you have no chance of becoming a published writer, we’ll tell you and refund your fees deducting the price of the course material supplied till then. So you have a no-risk refund of fee guarantee.
5. You can write and study at the speed which suits your lifestyle.
6. You can sit for the online exam at the end of the course as per your convenient date and time.
7. Full consultation and advice, before and after you enrol, is always available.


A Web-Journalist researches, collects, analyses and collates information to develop value-added content (i.e., database and information pages) for dissemination by the websites on the internet. He is on one hand is a researcher and on the other hand a journalist. He researches various sources for information, collects the relevant information, categorizes and collates the information and finally develops content for websites on the internet.

As you can understand websites can be either Portals (containing all types of information) or Vertical Portals (containing information on a specific subject), developing content for the sites is a large-scale activity. And since, all the websites hold copyright, it is important that a portal or vortal develops its own, original content. And as websites can be on any subject or subjects on earth, people of various backgrounds can become a Content Writer or related man.


What needed are : (1) Your keen eye for searching information, (2) Your keen understanding of the internet usage, (3) Your ability to analyze and collate information (it's not easy, you bet!), (4) Your ability to write (of course, you will be typing on computer. But you know, you should be able to write creative copies incorporating the information you have collected and analyzed), (5) Your creativity, (6) Loads of new, original ideas, (7) Love for literature, reading and the use of words, and (8) above all your enthusiasm and freshness.

A minimum background in Journalism or media helps in many companies. But it's not necessary that you have a background in media. Even if you are a fresher, and you have the right kind of attitude and aptitude to learn, you can be moulded into a successful Web-Journalist.


A complete professional course on Web-Journalism / Content Writing maintaining the international standard. The duration of the course is 6 months (72 hours mandatory + Special class of 9 hours, to be completed in 6 months).


Rs.24000/- ( @Rs.4000/- per month)

Please note, the course fee includes the cost of the study material along with the registration.


  • Proficiency in writing clearly and to the point
  • Ability to write well researched documents
  • Ability to write effective sentences and paragraphs
  • Ability to paraphrase
  • Ability to develop documents which is informative and easily understandable