About Us

In today’s digital age with constant information explosion, people are struggling to get what’s required from the constantly overgrowing content debris. Google and other search engines’ algorithms bundled with social media changed the content’s nature and presentation to a great extent. In an effort to stay relevant for search engines and to address the brutal competition content creation and distribution has lost its signature forte of “engaging content” and forced to produce “enough content”. Content is delivered but; value is set aside.

We, at ConnectIndia, demonstrate our niche by striking the right balance amongst, customer’s business goals, nature and target audience and come up with the most suitable content and differentiate itself in the morass. We deliver Value and not just content. Our years of experience across various business disciplines are driven by business leaders who have been champions in their industries. We pride ourselves in putting customer’s business success as the first priority and delivering creative, engaging and result oriented content that fits into the content marketing strategy of the customer.

ConnectIndia is a professional IT service providing company working in the domains of web development, content creation, digital and social media marketing, project consulting, personal branding, reputation management and lots more.

Great writing enhances the value of a product. Whether you are trying to sell yourself or a product of your choice, ConnectIndia is your one-stop writing solution to ensure quality presentation. For example, we can design that power resume and back it up with a cover letter that moves your application to the top of the pile. We can provide the content for your website that first draws the reader’s attention and then reveals the key product information in the succinct format that allows readers to fully grasp your product or service. In today’s competitive world, the effective communication being provided by ConnectIndia Content Writers can ensure the first impression that keeps a customer interested.

ConnectIndia value proposition arises from the convergence of three distinct advantages: a superior technology understanding, in-country expertise, and the cost-effective offshore production facilities.

By outsourcing ConnectIndia Content Services, one can be rest assured about 4 fundamental advantages:

  • We always look for bulk and ongoing projects.
  • Your assignments are completed before the deadline.
  • You receive a cost-effective, quality service through our affordable rate plans.
  • Become stress-free from content management tasks and focus on other core areas within your business.

Our Experience

  • 28 years of Journalism
  • 17 years of professional research-based article writing
  • 11 years of SEO and Web Content development
  • 10 years of Blog optimization/writing
  • 4 years of online media development